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Our leadership team is comprised of passionate, Spirit-filled, credentialed, and seasoned leaders, who each have decades of experience in ministry and pastoral care. We have been gathered together to engage the enemy, grow the Kingdom, and claim the victory that our Adonai promises to those that are His.

We are here for you with a level of care unmatched in South Florida.

Senior Rabbi & Lead Elder, Dr. Adrian Ze'ev Bernal

Dr. Bernal is a Jewish believer of Sephardic extraction. He holds a B.B.S. with a major in Biblical Linguistics, an M.T.S. with a major in Biblical Counseling, and a D.Min. with a major in Jewish Studies with a concentration on Second Temple Judaism and Messianic Judaism. Over the past 30 years he has led congregations in Oregon, Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska. He is responsible for pastoral care/counseling, evangelism, and spearheading our strategy to grow and prosper Beth Yeshua to serve the South Florida community of believers. Dr. Bernal has a passion for the lost, and loves to teach Jewish Roots to the Church through his ministry, Oaks of Righteousness Ministries. Currently, he is writing commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy for the Messianic Jewish Commentaries Series. In his spare time he is a Golf Teaching Professional with the United States Golf Teachers Federation and was ranked the top 100 golf teaching professionals in the world during the '20/'21 season.

Senior Rebbetzin, Linda Bernal

Linda Bernal received Yeshua as her Messiah at the age of 10 and has served Him throughout her life. She has been in the Messianic Movement since the early 1980s serving faithfully at El Shaddai Congregation in Frederick, Maryland, and received the baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh shortly thereafter. She has served as a deaconess and as a children's teacher--ages 3 to 5 years old. She has been a teacher and leader of a chaverah group, and continues to teach messianic dance. She met her husband, Rabbi Adrian Bernal, while attending El Shaddai and after they married, she joined rabbi Adrian in Southern Florida where they now joyfully serve at Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue. Linda holds a Master of Science in molecular biology and worked in basic research laboratories studying HIV and cancer research, retiring in 2021.

Associate Rabbi & Elder, Peter Gaines

Peter was born and educated in New England and did his undergraduate and graduate work in theatre. He spent twenty-five years as a secondary school teacher and after a God directed move to South Florida, he began serving Adonai in the South Florida messianic community. A professional musician from the age of twelve, Rabbi Peter became part of the drama and music ministry in several places of worship. Prior to joining Beth Yeshua he served at Mishkan David Messianic Synagogue in Sunrise, Florida. Rabbi Peter is Beth Yeshua's resident Torah Teacher. He has been invited to share his teachings on the Jewish roots of the faith in different places of worship, where teaching Torah has become his passion. He has been part of the leadership at Beth Yeshua for almost ten years. He serves in the music ministry, conducts the weekly Torah service, and teaches the weekly Torah Parashah, as well as conducting their Sunday ministry titled, "It's All One Book."

Rebbetzin, Susan Gaines

Susan was an educator for 13 years. She retired to raise a family before moving to South Florida. After moving here, she was active in full-time ministry for over 18 years, sharing with adults and youth how to share their faith. She developed and maintained an online, faith-based bookstore and newsletter for support and encouragement to almost a half million readers. Presently, she is a freelance writer/editor assisting others in sharing the story Yeshua has given them. Susan and her husband, Rabbi Peter Gaines, have two grown children and 4 grandchildren.

Messianic Minister & Elder, Avi Rogers

Avi Rogers has been a believer for over thirty years. Ordained by Tikkun America, Avi and Tzofiya are Tikkun Ministries Emissaries sent out to train and equip congregations to live a prophetic "As You Go" lifestyle of hearing God's voice and being led by the Spirit. He served as an Elder in a Presbyterian Church until 2007 when God connected him to the Hebraic roots of his faith through his Jewish wife Tzofiya. After their marriage, he served as a leader at Ahavat Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Washington, DC. After moving back to North Carolina, Avi and Tzofiya were the founders and congregational leaders of a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Denver, North Carolina. Avi and Tzofiya were called by Adonai to relocate to South Florida. Vocationally, Avi is a master carpenter and runs Avi Handyman Services. He is the father of 10 and grandfather of 19.

Messianic Minister, Tzofiya Rogers

Tzofiya Rogers has been in active ministry for over 30 years. Ordained by Tikkun America, she serves as their Emissary and Global Ambassador. She is also a commissioned prophet under Harvest International Ministries (HIM). Tzofiya specializes in training and equipping others in prophetic and deliverance ministries. She and her husband Avi were the founders and congregational leaders of a Messianic Jewish Congregation in North Carolina before moving to South Florida. Tzofiya is a seasoned life-coach that specializes in prophetically counseling individuals, couples, and families. As a mother of 10 children, grandmother of 19, and previously a licensed midwife, Tzofiya has a depth of experience dealing with a wide range of issues affecting individuals and families. She is an internationally recognized conference speaker and teaches seminars on "Operating in the Prophetic" and "Restoring the Body to Wholeness," which includes detailed training in the casting out of demons.

Messianic Minister, Ana Willis

Ana is a wife to Ryan and a homeschooled mom to Ben, Hadassah, and Ariella. She is a Messianic Minister, a passionate Bible and Hebrew teacher, homeschool blogger, speaker, and podcaster.

Ana has a double Bachelor's degree in Biblical Hebrew and Jewish Studies from Israel College of the Bible. She is the founder of Hebrew for Homeschoolers, a course that teaches homeschool families to read, write, and speak Hebrew in only 4 to 10 weeks. Ana is also the author of "Devoted, a series of Hebrew Scripture Studies" for women.

For the past seven years, Ana has been mentoring thousands of homeschool moms through her blog, "They Call Me Blessed," her mentorship program, "The Homeschool Sisterhood," and her online events such as the "Charlotte Mason Inspired Online Conference" and "For Such A Time As This Summit," and now through the podcast.

Messianic Worship Leader, Ryan Willis
Ryan was born in Durban, South Africa. The son of Pentecostal evangelical parents and ministers of worship. After serving his country in the South African Air Force for seven years, he became an Avionics Engineer and pursued his career in the aircraft field moving to England. While living and working in England, Ryan heard the Lord's calling to serve Him in Israel. He left his secular career to volunteer full-time at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. He began to serve as part of the worship team at King of Kings (KKCJ) where he later became one of the worship leaders. Ryan lived in Israel for 5 years where he met his wife, Ana. Two of their Children were born in Israel. Prior to coming to Beth Yeshua, Ryan was a worship leader for six years in Canada.

Founding Rabbi Emeritus & Elder, Dr. David Barsky

Before entering into full-time ministry, Dr. Barsky was a successful entrepreneur. Elected to Who's Who in U.S. Executives, he eventually became the President and CEO of one of the nation's largest hotel companies. He was also an advisor to the Congressional Caucus on Travel & Tourism. Rabbi David walked away from his business career to devote his life to serving Yeshua--his Jewish Messiah. He holds a B.A. from Trinity International University, an M.A. in Biblical Studies from South Florida Bible College, and a D.Min. from South Florida Theological Seminary. Dr. Barsky is the former Dean of the School of Jewish Studies at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. Dr. Barsky's book, "Judaism and the Church: Past, Present, and Future," was  made into a 13-week TV series. 

Senior Rebbetzin Emeritus, Jackie Sahley Barsky

Jackie Barsky  is an ordained Rebettzin and an ordained Messianic Minister. She has been active in ministry for over 40 years. A former Childrens Ministry Leader, Jackie now has a ministry to hurting, depressed, and abused women. She leads our Sisterhood "Bagels and Blessings." She is also the board of Beth Yeshua, Inc., as the Secretary. She started her business career as an Administrative Assistant/Supervisior Special Assignments to several governors in her home state of West Virginia. After moving to Florida, she managed an employment office and owned and operated a health food store in Weston, FL. Jackie has two grown children and 2 grandchildren.  

Lead Deacon, Jarrett Piersall

He is a believer in Messiah Yeshua. He is the husband of Lori Piersall and father to Alea Piersall, Christina Piersall, and Anthony Ricci. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has lived here his entire life. He manages a fourth-generation family owned & operated insurance agency. He was raised in a home of faith and has always believed in God, but was not following Him. He ended up lost, however in His grace, He let Jarrett know that he needed Him. He writes, "As the Good and Faithful Shepard, He loved me, sought me, and rescued me. I completely surrendered to Him and today I stay right by His side. I am honored and excited to be a servant of Adonai and His community at Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue. This is where the He led me; to love and serve Him, my brothers and sisters, and our neighbors. I have a great passion to see the lost come to know, love, and follow Yeshua, our Messiah, and to become partners with us to preach the gospel to every corner of the earth! Adonai has moved mountains in my life; I watch with great expectation of how He will use all of us for His glory."

Deaconess, Sheila Rosenfeld

While growing up, Sheila attended Conservative Jewish Temples. In 2017 when she moved to South Florida from New Jersey, she searched for a temple, but there was something missing in her life.

As time went on, she was invited to a Messianic Temple and, ultimately, she received Yeshua as her Messiah. She then heard about Beth Yeshua--The House of the Risen Son, and she has been attending faithfully ever since. She enjoys being a part of Beth Yeshua and serving our Messiah.

She is pleased to say that she is honored to be a Messianic Deaconess. She enjoys helping people with any questions or needs they may have. She is so grateful to have a place that is Mispocha (Yiddish for family). She says, "Our congregation is just that, a family, where we care about each other and enjoy being in the body of Messiah together. The services are uplifting, and we learn so much. Many days we feel the presence of the fruit of the Spirit."

Furthermore, as one of the greeters at Beth Yeshua, she is happy to welcome everyone who comes here to join us in fellowship.

Deaconess, Samara Kudler

She is a Jewish girl from New York City. She found Yeshua as her Messiah in 1979 and says she has been a work in progress ever since. She has been an active member of Beth Yeshua for many years and involved in the Messianic movement since she got saved. Having lived through many life events, good and difficult, she is now, in her "very senior years." It is fitting to say that God has brought her to a wonderful place in Him. She says, "Be encouraged in God’s never-ending love and the hope He has for all people; and the plans He has for our good, all found in His Word, the Holy Scriptures."

Furthermore, she writes, "Seek and you will find the way to redemption through Messiah Yeshua. Strive to get to know, personally, the Ruach haKodesh, our comforter and teacher for learning how to live life joyfully and to experience God in all His ways of being. A life prayer of mine is that God can use us as one of His channels for His love, not ours. To pour forth into people’s lives."

Deaconess, Elisha Ortega

Elisha grew up in a Christian home surrounded by love. As a child she learned from her mother to fear God and love others by action and not just words. She spent her childhood serving others with her family in the slumps of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. In1994 the family migrated to the USA. Elisa resides in Coral Springs Florida, with her supporting and loving husband Juan Manuel Ortega, and her two daughters. In October, 2020, while caring for her father, Patricio Fuentes, he invited Elisha to attend Beth Yeshua. It was here that Elisha found the much-needed deliverance, healing, & discipleship through Beth Yeshua’s Tzofiya Rogers. In 2020, Juan and Elisha founded “A Voice Cries Out”--A Beth Yeshua Ministry bringing food, Bibles, prayer, and sanitary items to the homeless community. Elisha loves to worship God with all her being, using all the gifts He has equipped her with to help other by showing them the love, mercy, and power of God."

Rebbetzin Linda Bernal: Children's Ministry with Sandra Geliga
Avi Rogers: Live Broadcast & Video Production
Rebbetzin Jackie Barsky: Sisterhood (Bagels & Blessings) 
Ryan Willis: Praise and Worship
Tzofiya Rogers: Prophetic ministries
Ana Willis: Resident Hebrew teacher
Rabbi Peter Gaines: Torah Service
Jacob Steiner: Media
Lea Grajales: Cashier
Vicki Pino: Congregational Administrator